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Personal Injury

When you've been injured through the acts or omissions of some other party, our legal system allows for a financial recovery as the only means of attempting to compensate you for your losses. We can help maximize your financial recovery if you've been injured through the fault of some other party. We can assist with seeking a monetary recovery from automobile accidents, slip-and-fall cases, wrongful death or premises liability actions. Typically, on these types of cases, if there is reasonable insurance coverage or assets, we will represent the client on a contingency fee basis whereby the only way our office is paid is if we recover a financial settlement on your behalf.

We understand how difficult it is to deal with the physical, emotional and financial issues of being injured in an accident. We will advocate vigorously to help you recover what you lost from injuries caused by someone's careless acts, negligence, recklessness or intentional acts. We ensure every client receives personalized service and aggressive, effective representation. We seek to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate or litigate every case as thoroughly and fully as possible to ensure our clients receive the best result possible.