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When an individual or small business becomes insolvent and creditors are harassing them and are threatening or have commenced lawsuits to collect debt owed either by foreclosure actions, attachments of wages or bank accounts, then debtors are often left with bankruptcy as a means of last resort to stave off creditors. In these difficult financial times, many individuals and businesses are in the once unthinkable position of facing the need to filing for bankruptcy. Clients are often distressed at the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. Our office alleviates the distress and provides sympathetic and effective support for our clients.

The filing for bankruptcy protection provides the debtor with an automatic stay of all creditor activity and immediately takes the pressure off the debtor. Bankruptcy refers to a federal or state code of laws and set rules that are designed to help a debtor, whether an individual or a business that is facing more debt than they can afford.

The Law Office of David A. Miller, PC offers legal services in all aspects of bankruptcy, restructuring, debtor and creditor rights and commercial law. We can help protect personal and corporate assets against unfair business practices, and advise debtors on their rights and obligations. We guide the debtor through the bankruptcy process; advise the debtor on the most appropriate bankruptcy chapter; how to protect assets and how to develop a strategy for obtaining a discharge. Our goal is to provide our clients with a fresh start to restructure their finances, get rid of bad debt, restore their credit rating, and to regain financial stability. If you're struggling to cover your basic needs, or facing more debt than you can manage, there is a way out to relieve your stress and upon discharge from bankruptcy court, our clients often find a bright and hopeful future and a second chance.

The Law Office of David A. Miller, PC primarily focuses on the following forms of individual and business bankruptcy.