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Our Clients

A partial list of the firm's clients includes:

    Amaral & Associates, PC
    Bank of America
    The Bank of Canton
    The Business Network, Inc.
    BNC National Bank
    Boston Beer Works
    Boston Dance Company
    Boston Shirt Company
    Boston Trend Real Estate, Inc.
    Byggmeister Associates, Inc.
    Citi Bank
    Citizens Bank
    CServer, Inc.
    CS & J Company, Inc.
    Clean Wave, Inc.
    Cognitive Designs, Inc.
    Cort Furniture
    Eastern Bank
    Evergreen Landscaping, Inc.
    Fan Mags, Inc.
    GoBig, Inc.
    Intercontinental Resource Group, Inc.
    KCDS, Inc.
    LCDC, Inc.
    Mortgage Master, Inc.
    NE Moves Mortgage, LLC
    Pest Pro, Inc.
    Planet Sportswear, Inc.
    Prospect, Mortgage, LLC
    Outdoor Maintenance Corporation
    Q Corporation, Inc.
    Salem Five Bank
    Segal Insurance, Inc.
    Sovereign Bank
    Striker Properties, Inc.
    Todreas/Hanley, Inc.
    Topham & Topham, PC
    WebEngine, Inc.
    Wells Fargo
    West Suburban Elder Services, Inc.