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While a settlement is ideal because it is cost effective and certain, the ability and willingness to try the case is one of the most important settlement tools. We have exceptional experience in litigation at the Law Office of David A. Miller, PC. and the depth and breadth of resources to diligently advocate for your interests in Federal and State Courts. We also strongly encourage alternative dispute resolution through mediation or arbitration for our clients and maintain an aggressive pursuit of the best result in these forums which are often less costly, less time consuming and less emotionally draining for our clients than traditional litigation.

Business Contracts and Torts

We represent clients involved in contractual disputes, including those arising out of the sale or transfer of a business or its assets, franchise and distributorship disagreements, the sale of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code, and commercial collections. We also further handle tort based business litigation, including commercial libel and slander, interface with contract, and fraud.


We represent clients and individuals involved in disputes over the management and control of corporations and other business entities.

Real Estate

We have broad experience in handling disputes relating to real estate, including the enforcement of purchase and sale agreements, specific performance, monetary damages, brokerage fee disputes, actions for damages for breach, landlord tenant matters including evictions, boundary disputes and other land issues.

Real estate disputes, particularly in the commercial realm, often call for knowledge and expertise in highly specialized areas of law. We have extensive experience assisting clients with complex transactional and administrative matters, from commercial development, management and financing which enables us to get to the heart of real estate disputes.

Personal Injury

We will work to obtain the largest possible settlement to compensate our clients if they have been injured by the negligence of another person or company. We have successfully handled cases involving construction accidents, slip-and-fall injuries and automobile accidents. A defendant's insurance company will often push to settle quickly, even before you have contacted an attorney. After the long process of reaching your maximum medical recovery, the settlement offer may still not reflect the extent of your injuries and your associated damages. If the Defendants and their insurance company will not offer a reasonable settlement through negotiation short of litigation and is unwilling to consider mediation or arbitration, then after apprising our client of the benefits and risks associated with litigation and with our client's full informed consent, we will aggressively take the matter to court to recover our client's maximum recovery including lost wages, medical costs, and compensation for enjoyment of life, pain and suffering.

Debt Collection

We aggressively seek to collect unpaid debts on contracts and notes for services rendered or goods sold or provided on behalf of individuals and businesses.